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How to Prolong the Life of your Carpet

Carpet cleaning Corpus Christi Texas would be much easier if every household only had wood, vinyl, or tile floors with a few rugs to clean on occasion. Carpets, however, provide warmth and add value to your home decoration. Dirt comes with the territory of carpet ownership. Carpets get dusty and dirty, and they tend to collect a portion of that dust, dirt, and grime with use and time. Vacuuming is a good starting place for carpet cleaning Corpus Christi.

carpet cleaning corpus christi

Regular vacuuming reduces dirt and debris in your carpet, especially at the surface and in areas of high traffic. Nevertheless, vacuuming by itself will not eliminate embedded dirt, microscopic particles, allergens, or odors. For really clean carpet, you will need deep carpet cleaning from Corpus Christi carpet cleaners.

If you want to ensure your carpets and your home environment remain …

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Best Carpet Cleaning Pros in Killeen TX

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Killeen Tx? With so many competitors in the area, it can be difficult to choose who you want to let into your home. Here are a few of the things The Carpet Cleaning Co. in Killeen Tx do to stand out.

carpet cleaning killeen tx

  1. Professionally Trained: All of our carpet cleaning technicians receive IICRC training in certification in industry approved cleaning methods for carpets and rugs. We don’t send rookies without any experience!
  2. Reliable Teams of Two: We send teams of two to each job, on time. Sending two technicians makes it easy for us to move furniture out of the way and protect walls and base boards.
  3. Customer Support: Only Killeen Tx Carpet Cleaners includes a FREE accidental spill warranty with all 3M Scotchgard treatments. We don’t even charge a trip fee for accidental spill clean up
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