Best Flooring Tips From Carpet Cleaners Hawaii

Spots, spills, and odors can be the death of your carpet. Not only do they make your carpets look worn and unclean; they can become embedded below the surface, creating the optimal environment for mold and lingering smells. If you want to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking good, it is important to attack these problems quickly. Here are carpet cleaners Hawaii tips to help you get rid of those unsightly spots and to treat unseen residue and odors as well.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii Tip #1: Spots, Spills, and Stains

  • Clean spots and spills immediately to remove the liquid or residue completely, avoiding stains, seepage into the underside of the carpet, and reducing the development of mold, odors, and other unwanted carpet antagonists.
  • Remove as much liquid or residue as you can before applying any cleaner.
  • Never rub a spill. Blot it. Rubbing spreads the spill to a larger area.
  • Before using any cleaning agent, read the directions and follow them carefully. You should also test an inconspicuous are of your carpeting to ensure the cleaner will not discolor or harm your carpet in any way. Even if the package says the product is safe for your carpets or all carpets, you won’t know for sure until you use it. Why risk ruining a whole carpet when you can test it in a corner, easily hiding negative results?
  • When applying a spot remover, work from the outside to the inside. This will prevent spreading the stain. Before moving on to your next step, be sure to soak up any moisture left behind by the solution.
  • Not only do you want to dry the carpet, you also want to bring the nap back into a standing position. Plain white bath towels are the perfect tool for this task.
  • If you are having trouble soaking up all of the moisture, be patient and tae additional action. Grab a stack of white bath towels – at least ¾ inches thick – and place them over the trouble spot, weighing them down with a heavy object, and allow to sit until you are satisfied that the moisture has been eliminated.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii Tip #2: Cleaning Agents

Typically, you can use soap and water or general-purpose carpet cleaner or spot removers to treat spots, stains, and spills. However, some substances require more intense treatment. It is a good idea to find a stain removal chart or guidelines specific to certain substances (chocolate, urine, grape juice, etc.), especially those common to your household.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii Tip #3: Odors
If you have difficult spots, it might be time to hire professional Hawaii Carpet Cleaners to remove those unsightly messes, as well as the unseen portions, restoring your carpet’s vitality and prolonging its lifespan as well.

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Carpets tend to develop an odor with regular use and heavy traffic, especially when there is a lack of deep cleaning. Vacuuming alone cannot reduce or eliminate these odors. While odors from regular use are typically nothing more than a musty smell you can often live with and barely notice unless you place your nose to the ground, odors created by spills and other contaminants can wreak havoc on your carpets… not to mention your olfactory perception. A truly clean house not only looks clean; it also smells clean.

You can help to reduce carpet odors in your home by using baking soda and carpet fresheners when you vacuum. You can also make your own carpet freshener using herbs, spices, or oils combined with baking soda. There is also the option of using scented carpet sprays.

If you want to eliminate carpet odors for good, it is important to deep clean your carpets on a regular basis, at least once every year or two; more often when carpet disasters strike or if your household has a tendency toward high-traffic and heavy soiling in certain areas. While you have the option to do this yourself, it is worth the money to hire a knowledgeable professional from Carpet Cleaners Hawaii.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii Tip #4: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Hiring professional from carpet cleaning Hawaii is a smart move if you want to ensure truly clean carpets and wish to optimize the life of your carpets. Carpeting and installations is not cheap, and while carpets must inevitably be replaced, you can hold this inevitability at bay by ensuring your flooring lives u-p to its life expectancy. The expense of professional carpet cleaning is minute in comparison. Professional cleaners will charge based on the number of rooms and their size. They use heavy-duty equipment, ensuring a deep carpet cleaning.

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