How to Prolong the Life of your Carpet

Carpet cleaning Corpus Christi Texas would be much easier if every household only had wood, vinyl, or tile floors with a few rugs to clean on occasion. Carpets, however, provide warmth and add value to your home decoration. Dirt comes with the territory of carpet ownership. Carpets get dusty and dirty, and they tend to collect a portion of that dust, dirt, and grime with use and time. Vacuuming is a good starting place for carpet cleaning Corpus Christi.

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Regular vacuuming reduces dirt and debris in your carpet, especially at the surface and in areas of high traffic. Nevertheless, vacuuming by itself will not eliminate embedded dirt, microscopic particles, allergens, or odors. For really clean carpet, you will need deep carpet cleaning from Corpus Christi carpet cleaners.

If you want to ensure your carpets and your home environment remain clean and beautiful, follow these carpet cleaning Corpus Christi tips:

Carpet cleaning Corpus Christi Vacuuming Advice

For the best results, you will require a vacuum cleaner capable of performing the task. It does not have to be an expensive brand or model. However, you will find a vacuum cleaner with adjustable levels, plenty of suction power and a variety of attachments most beneficial. You might also enjoy the benefits of a hepa filter, bagless model, and even something specifically made for pet owners, if cats or dogs grace your home with their presence.

  • Stick vacs and hand vacuums are not adequate for most carpets. Heavy-duty vacuums and combination steam cleaner vacuums are ideal.
  • Vacuuming once per week at the very least, is recommended, even in rooms that are not often occupied. In higher-traffic areas, vacuum more frequently. Those attachments will come in handy once a month or so to clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Regular vacuuming not only reduces dust, dirt, and debris, it also extends the life of your carpet.
  • Take your time, passing over each section several times in order to ensure a thorough job.
  • Split wall-to-wall carpeting into quadrants and vacuum one section at a time in order to avoid an overwhelming task.
  • Devote special attention to high-traffic areas and sitting areas, especially where people sit while wearing shoes. For best results, use a crisscross pattern in these areas.
  • You can apply a soil retardant to new carpets or recently cleaned carpets, using professional equipment and following manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure your carpets remain cleaner and will make your vacuuming efforts far moiré effective.

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Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning Tips on Carpet Odors

With time and use, carpets become dirty because of age, dirt, spills, contaminants, and other factors of everyday living. Odors can be reduced by keeping carpets clean, using carpet powders or baking soda when vacuuming, using carpet sprays, and by hiring professional carpet cleaning Corpus Christi every year or two.

Carpet Replacement

Carpets will not last forever, even with the most conscientious carpet cleaners in Corpus Christi Tx. Determining factors for replacement includes manufacturer recommendations, carpet type, and the level household traffic. While carpets with limited traffic often exceed the expected lifespan, carpets subjected to heavy traffic typically require replacement every five to ten years.

Carpet and Allergens

Carpets create an optimal habitat for allergens. Collecting dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants, carpets contribute to household allergies. It is even worse with taller piles. Then there are spills. Even if adequately soaked up, liquid can seep into the underside of the carpet, turning into mold and mildew, further contributing to allergies. Vacuuming carpets helps to reduce allergens, but the professionals from The Carpet Cleaning Co. in Corpus Christi is the best way to eliminate allergens while maintaining clean and beautiful floors.

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning The Carpet Cleaning Co.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. professionals requires use of quality equipment, steam, and appropriate products for deep cleaning carpets.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner regularly, and as needed when carpet disasters strike, helps to prolong the life of your carpets, eliminating dirt, allergens, stains, and even odors.

Carpet cleaning in Corpus Christi is not very expensive either. Most cleaners charge based on the number of rooms. Sometimes there are additional fees for extra services, and some even charge a base rate for the total area cleaned. Compared to the cost of carpet replacement professional carpet cleaning saves you time, money, and energy.